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Mahogany By Hand boast over 45 years of experience as a top quality, high-end furniture wholesaler, retailer, and designer. They work with architects and interior decorators to create stunning spaces including their accurate reproduction of English Georgian, Victorian and French provincial furniture. They have furniture for all spaces within a private home, display home, retirement village, to commercial offices and hotels. They strive to provide the best furniture of the past century into the modern space of today.




Mahogany By Hand homepage
Mahogany By Hand homepage


Our digital marketing mixologists educated the team about introducing a perfect balance of colour contrasts mixed throughout the site consisting of a breakdown of 60x30x10. The previous website had a very black heavy focus which can represent elegance and class, however, we believed it was simply too dark heavy and lacking in refreshing negative space that is easy for consumers to digest content.

The 60x30x10 principle of colour pallets is based around having a dominant colour pallet (generally associated with branding), mixed in with another strategic colour to separate the user’ eye from section to section and to direct attention, and finally a colour pallet outlining call-to-actions and other elements we want to pop.

We wanted to create a journey through the Mahogany By Hand website and promote and showcase the product imagery in a more fashionable light, we achieved this through separating sections throughout the site. We had to focus on new technologies to tackle the slow loading times the site was suffering as neither users or the Search Engines like a slow site.

Analytics showed us the majority of site users were viewing through a mobile device so ensuring device compatibility was paramount in outcome of this development project.


The new Mahogany By Hand website is streets ahead of where it came from. The new site has produced an injection of new online sales. It is now a fast-loading machine and much more engaging for the user. An upturn in other analytic data recorded in the backend has shown the effective launch of the site.

The Mahogany By Hand team are thankful for the work Star Digital has delivered and we are thrilled to have been a part of this project, we have fun collaborating with the Mahogany By Hand team.


To truly connect with your audience, you need an approach that is human and relatable. An optimised user experience helps to ensure your branding messaging and unique selling propositions are at the forefront.

Our approach has driven purchase and lead capture as well as an increase to other valuable data metrics.

Star delivered a powerful experience that wasn’t just focused on cosmetic wins but centred around usability and delivering a great digital experience. Able Office Furnitures new device responsive site has had improved organic SEO search results and visibility and a boost in overall conversions and sale orders safeguarding an effective marketing strategy.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.


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