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Melfab Engineering has been in operation for over 30 years. It is a family-owned company with a reputation for excellence in the engineering field based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. They take pleasure in providing excellent customer service and fulfilling their clients’ needs. They have a team of experienced experts, some of whom have been with them for over 20 years.





Melfab Engineering wanted to provide their customers with the best possible service, so they decided on a design that would showcase how great their service is.

They understood that implementing a more comprehensive digital experience would allow them to take full advantage of their current marketing efforts. The objective of the project was to get the correct message to the correct audience, as their primary differentiator and value propositions were being overlooked.

Melfab Engineering knew they needed a change when it came to their website. The old site was outdated and bland, not aligned with visual elements or company values of expertise in this industry- so what’s been delivered isn’t really representative at all! , so they turned to Star Digital Marketing for help. The company wanted a fresh new look with aligned visual elements as well as the ability to communicate what makes them different from other companies in this industry – which is why we work closely on every project!

They wanted to spice it up a bit, always looking for ways to make its website more user friendly and ensure easy navigation. They want people who visit the site, to easily find what they need on a page without any trouble at all!


To ensure that we maintained the unique process, our team began to think about how best we could tell a story with refreshed user navigation by not simply working off the current dated template.

We pride ourselves on building and crafting a custom site, pushing a unique message, and increasing our online brand presence, the previous site was white heavy with a grey focus. We wanted to maintain the colour continuity throughout the site but with much lighter and more engaging contrast and also changed the sidebar menu to a header menu. To refresh the overall look and feel of the site, making it more modern, clean and engaging. 

First-time website visitors are trying to decide if it’s worth their while in the next few seconds, so focusing on Melfab Engineering’s commercial points of difference and value propositions could inspire them.

By taking advantage of the current traffic on our site, we have been able to increase conversion rates. The use of a mobile device is critical for optimal viewing across all different devices which will ultimately lead us towards higher sales numbers and profits as well!

Knowing the site’s analytics and data metrics inside and out allowed all design decisions to be based on actual data, not personal preferences. To satisfy the demands and desires of customers, landing pages, product information and descriptions were created.

The product drop-down menu was developed by Star Digital, a content messaging approach and visually appealing design. We uploaded pictures of our goods for aesthetic appeal and to enhance the sales potential of the final product. On a WordPress CMS, Star developed the site with contemporary device responsive programming approaches.


Star Digital was entrusted by Melfab Engineering to develop a website that would express its talents and capture the attention of potential clients. After the launch, organic search traffic was not only maintained but increased, resulting in improved conversion rates as a result of greater exposure and organic search visibility.

The team at Star Digital has been working with Melfab Engineering to ensure they are meeting all expectations for their marketing strategy. We are dedicated to crafting an online presence that met all expectations of the Search Engine. They created the perfect site structure and user interface, as well as ensured a high-quality digital experience from start to finish!





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