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IPSinks first entered the plumbing fixture market in 2004. After many years spent supplying Aussie families with top-grade plumbing fixtures, in 2018, they chose to register a trademark which reflects the quality of their products and their superior customer service: “INFINITY PLUS SINKS”, INFINITY designs, PLUS excellent service. That is their trademark.

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Infinity Plus Sinks wanted to provide their clients with the most effective solutions possible in the maximum number of ways.

They understood that enhancing the whole digital experience would also improve their existing marketing efforts. The aim was to make it easier for the company’s sales force and customers to understand their offering. Their differentiating characteristic, value propositions, and value statements were all being overlooked, according to the client.

However, this is the case with many other organizations. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the idea behind the message differs from that which is delivered. Infinity Plus Sinks turned to Star Digital Marketing because they knew their website was out of date, uninteresting, and didn’t properly link visual components or the companies’ value propositions and expertise in the field.

After receiving feedback from a number of clients and users, they decided that it would be beneficial to update their website to make it more user-friendly and provide simpler navigation of certain goods.


We needed to start telling a narrative, with brand-new user navigation and aesthetics rather than simply relying on the existing template. That would go against our distinct approach. The previous website was white-heavy with a red header focus, and we take pleasure in developing and creating a bespoke site, pushing a unique message, and increasing online brand exposure. We sought to keep the site’s colour scheme while adding a more dynamic contrast. Customers are more inclined to buy a product if they see the benefits exceed the risks. Customers may be inspired to become buyers if they perform a “risk vs. benefit” analysis of your company’s new website in a few seconds.

Because most of the site visitors were using a mobile device, it was critical to guarantee that everyone could view the material appropriately regardless of their device so that we may take advantage of the current traffic and enhance our conversion and sales potential.

With a solid grasp of the site’s numbers and data metrics, all design choices were based on actual information rather than personal preferences. The ads are efficient because they were developed with consumer demands and wishes in mind. There are landing pages that are perfectly targeted to the needs of customers, product information and descriptions were created to meet their demands.

The content messaging strategy and aesthetically appealing design was created by Star Digital utilising a product drop-down menu. We used product photographs for aesthetic appeal and to assist sell the finished item. On a WordPress CMS, Star developed the website using modern device responsive programming techniques.


Infinity Plus Sinks engaged Star Digital to create a fascinating and unusual website. Website traffic was not only sustained but also increased through organic search exposure and visibility, resulting in improved conversion rates after the launch. We were employed by a customer that had a particular product and market, which is why search engine optimisation (SEO) works so well.

Our marketing specialist made sure that all Search Engine expectations and needs were met, as Star Digital is the collaborative marketing partner for Infinity Plus Sinks. Site structure and user interface, as well as the user’s digital experience.





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