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Dave Pitman, after 8 years at Scania, founded Pitman Trucks & Euro Truck Spares in 1998. This venture aimed to provide peace of mind for buyers of used trucks and offer a wide range of spare parts. Duane Williams, who joined in 1998 after a mechanical apprenticeship at Scania, shares a deep love for Scania trucks, still running a fleet of them. With over 30 years’ combined experience, Dave and Duane are unparalleled experts in selling, servicing, and supporting Scania trucks, ensuring top-notch service for operators.





Pitman Trucks aimed to provide an optimal platform for its clients’ solutions. Recognising the potential for an enhanced digital experience, the objective was to effectively convey their message, bolster sales, and foster customer loyalty. Emphasising their unique value proposition was key, yet it was being overlooked.

Acknowledging the disparity between their intended message and its delivery, Pitman Trucks engaged Star Digital Marketing. Their goal was to modernise the website, crafting an engaging experience that aligned with the company’s identity. The existing website lacked modernity, engagement, and failed to highlight visual elements and industry expertise.

The aspiration was to invigorate the site, improving user-friendliness and ensuring seamless navigation, particularly for specific products.



Initiating a narrative was imperative, without starting entirely from scratch. Adhering to our unique approach, we aimed to create a bespoke site that projected a distinctive message and elevated our online brand presence. Consistency in the colour scheme was maintained while increasing contrast for better visual appeal. First-time website visitors engage in an instant risk vs reward assessment, and highlighting Pitman Trucks’ unique value propositions over competitive features or pricing information was crucial to converting them into customers.

Given the majority of traffic stemmed from mobile devices, ensuring proper content visibility across all devices was pivotal for leveraging current traffic and boosting conversions and sales.

Relying on real data metrics rather than personal preferences was fundamental in design choices. Landing pages and product information were tailored to meet the client’s demands and preferences.

A strategic content messaging plan and visually captivating design were executed through the implementation of a product drop-down menu by Star Digital. Visual enhancements were achieved through product imagery uploads. The website was developed using WordPress.


Star Digital successfully delivered an engaging and distinctive website for Pitman Trucks. Not only was organic search traffic sustained, but it also saw an increase, resulting in improved conversion rates post-launch.

With Pitman Trucks as our primary digital partner, our campaign strategists ensured compliance with Search Engine expectations, focusing on site structure and user experience. Our efforts centred on optimising the user’s online journey.





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