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Established in 2002 and nestled in Tuggerah on the Central Coast of NSW, rawLight Design stands as a leading manufacturer and distributor across the Australasia region, offering an extensive array of candles and candle accessories. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, rawLight has garnered accolades for its excellence in delivering specialised, high-quality products. The candle designers and makers at rawLight boast over two decades of expertise in handcrafting candles, reflected in the exquisite range they produce. Their commitment and experience culminate in longer-lasting fragrances, vibrant hues, clean burning, and extended burning times—a hallmark appreciated by customers, friends, and family alike.





rawLight, a distinguished candle manufacturer and distributor based in Tuggerah, NSW, underwent a significant evolution in its online presence. With an established reputation and a rich legacy dating back to 2002, rawLight aimed to transition its existing e-commerce platform into an engaging hub, offering an extensive range of candles and accessories. The primary objective was to redefine the digital landscape, fortify sales, and foster enduring customer connections, magnifying the unique product offerings often overlooked in its prior setup.

Recognising the necessity for transformation, rawLight partnered with Star Digital Marketing to reinvigorate its website. The mission? To infuse the platform with an identity resonating with rawLight’s ethos. The prior site lacked contemporary aesthetics, interactivity, and failed to showcase the visual splendour and product expertise intrinsic to rawLight.

The vision was clear—to rejuvenate the website, improving user-friendliness and ensuring seamless navigation, especially concerning its diverse array of candles and accessories.


Preserving the core essence while introducing a fresh narrative became pivotal. The approach involved meticulously crafting a bespoke site, not only delivering a distinctive message but also elevating rawLight’s online brand presence. A consistent colour scheme was maintained, accentuating contrast for a visually captivating layout. Given the significance of first impressions, highlighting rawLight’s exceptional product range over competitive features was vital for converting potential customers into loyal patrons.

With mobile traffic taking centre stage, ensuring optimal content visibility across all devices emerged as a cornerstone for driving conversions and sales.

Decisions were founded on data, prioritising metrics over subjective preferences. Tailored landing pages and product information were finely curated to cater to the discerning demands and preferences of rawLight’s clientele.


The outcome? Star Digital successfully delivered a compelling and distinctive website for rawLight. Not only did it sustain organic search traffic, but it also experienced a noteworthy surge post-launch, translating into an improved conversion rate.

In alignment with rawLight as a principal digital partner, our strategists meticulously aligned with Search Engine expectations, amplifying site structure and user experience. Our focused efforts were aimed at optimising the user’s online journey, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience from the moment they arrive till they complete their candle selections and purchases.





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