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Australian Slate Crete Supplies have been serving the Australian community for the past 25 years in the building supplies industry, specifically concreting. They provide a vast range of products and supplies to cover any need and project you may have. Whether a tradie, or a DIY, a small job or a large, Australian Slate-Crete Supplies provides the best quality products Australia can offer. From safety supplies, hand and power tools to chemicals and accessories. Australian Slate-Crete Supplies are one of the biggest providers of concrete supplies Australia wide.




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Australian Slate-Crete Supplies website was designed and developed to rejuvenate their branding image. They have a large existing, loyal customer base and they wanted to showcase the credibility to new, prospective customers. New technologies and architecture were introduced to reflect the professionalism and valuable experience of the team as well as showcase their products in an easy to find and navigate process.

The site needed to attract everybody, from people looking for around the home DIY projects, to builders for new builds and renovations, to larger commercial and civil works. We needed a site that spoke to all different user persona types in a friendly, concise way that delivered the message that they are experts in the industry and have the supplies needed for any job.

Ensuring the websites load speeds were as quick as could be would help tremendously, not only for SEO purposes, but because most of the sites visitors were coming through a mobile device. Research shows that slow load speeds result in more site abandonment, a quick loading website engages the visitor and heightens the chance they will navigate throughout a website, increasing the opportunity for conversions and sales.

As a standard practice for Star Digital Marketing, creating a fully device responsive website also ensures perfect functionality for the user and can make all the difference to your bottom line, as well as being Google, Search Engine compliant.



With a website like Baseline Windows and Doors, who service different audiences, whether it be architects or residential buyers, we needed to be able to capture the consumers attention across the board. Our first impression of the home page was it was slightly bland, they had the right mindset with their imagery and points of difference underneath, however with the colour contrasting it didn’t have natural flow feeling throughout navigation.

Above the fold was quite dark and didn’t have the pop effect we like to use to direct the website visitor’s eye. With the initial couple of scrolls down the home page we knew that the lack of content would not serve their purpose to capture conversions. People want to trust who you are, they might want to consume some information first to strengthen their feeling of trust before making contact.

Recreating their target pages was a necessary change. Instead of showcasing their products and then having information and specifications underneath resulting in making the consumer scroll down to find it, we made each product a clickable element which opened to its own page outlining all the required information about the product. Much easier for the consumer.


Australian Slate-Crete Supplies provided Star Digital Marketing a great opportunity to get our thinking caps on and bring to life a stimulating and unique website in the building supplies industry. The motivation within the Australian Slate-Crete Supplies team led to a quick successful launch of the new site and the Search Engines, primarily Google, loved it straight away, leading to boosts in not only indexed keywords, but qualified website traffic through organic search visibility.

Star Digital Marketing is the strategic SEO partner for Australian Slate-Crete Supplies, and we have made significant improvements for our happy client. We are not the sort of company that throws spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks, our marketing mixologists and conversion factory team have the skill and expertise to create a website that makes a statement, ranks for your core keywords, driving website traffic and inspiring visitors to become customers.





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