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Markwell Nutrition provides an organic, drug free solution to help people who suffer from health problems associated with bowel irregularity and constipation. It is the perfect supplement for detoxification and colon cleansing. Their all-natural supplements are sold online and through health food stores Australia wide.




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Creating a compelling and engaging website is an important part of business, especially in the organic health supplement industry. A designer must get a firm understanding of the user persona to truly understand the way they consume content and the structure of the sales funnel. 

Markwell Nutrition and Star Digital Marketing partnered as they needed a new website to properly reflect their message, the concept was fantastic, but it was being lost on the user and the previous website didn’t hit the mark and was hurting online growth.

They are committed and passionate to providing their natural, drug free supplement to people requiring a colon cleanse or detoxification. The brand is sold in health food stores across Australia, so the goal was to build a website that offered a great user experience, providing and explaining all relevant information, their point of difference and unique selling points.

Their vision was of a modern but personable aesthetic with an informative and caring approach.


Star Digital Marketing has built 100’s of websites across a multitude of platforms and industries, we are studious and know more than others that there is a science to the psychology behind website design, flow, structure as well as directing the user’s eye to where we want it.
Content and imagery placement is extremely important and needs to resonate with the demographic we are targeting

We needed people to understand the product is a safe and natural supplement that results in happier intestines and better health overall. They were having a hard time accurately describing and explaining their products and values.
Through developing a device friendly website that is easy to use, we focused on making sure enquiries and purchasing was as simple as could be.
We completely modernised Markwell Nutrition away from the difficult navigation, slow loading pages and non-mobile friendly website that was turning prospects away and in turn limiting their online growth.


Since launching the new Markwell Nutrition website, we have seen an increase to their website traffic, improved engagement rates across numerous pages and as predicted the FAQ page has seen increased analytic data. The carefully and strategically placed Call-to-Actions with mixed colour schemes and interactive scroll functionality has increased user experience.

Through highlighting the core deliverables of the product in an easy to consume way and adding extra informational content we have ensured that the users who visit the website are given the message and concept concisely. The message they have been trying to convey has now hit the mark and conversions as well as organic rankings have increased





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.

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