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In Ringwood, the mechanics at Street Fix Garage embody a true passion for cars, surpassing mere professionalism with genuine enthusiasm for their craft. Their extensive hands-on experience over the years has refined their skills to an exceptional standard, ensuring that every task, be it a routine car service or a complex repair, receives meticulous attention and expertise.

Their commitment to automotive excellence extends beyond the ordinary, appealing to those seeking precise attention to detail and an in-depth comprehension of vehicle maintenance and repair intricacies. Entrusting your vehicle to this team means placing it in the care of individuals who treat it as their own, guaranteeing optimal performance on the road.





Street Fix Garage embarked on a journey to revamp its online presence, transitioning from a single-page website to an engaging platform providing comprehensive information about its products and services. The primary aim was to redefine the digital experience, augment sales, and foster enduring customer relationships. The focus was on articulating the unique value propositions often overlooked in the existing setup.

Recognising the need for an overhaul, Street Fix Garage enlisted the expertise of Star Digital Marketing. The mission? To revitalise the website, infusing it with an identity that resonates with the company’s ethos. The existing site lacked contemporary aesthetics, interactivity, and failed to showcase visual elements and industry expertise.

The vision was clear—to breathe new life into the website, enhancing its user-friendliness and ensuring seamless navigation, especially concerning specific products and services.


Retaining the essence while introducing a fresh narrative was crucial. Our approach was to craft a bespoke site that not only communicates a distinct message but also elevates Street Fix Garage’s online brand presence. We maintained consistency in the colour scheme while enhancing contrast for a visually appealing layout. Initial impressions are pivotal; hence, highlighting Street Fix Garage’s unique value propositions over competitive features was paramount for converting prospects into loyal customers.

Acknowledging the prominence of mobile traffic, ensuring optimal content visibility across all devices became a cornerstone for maximising conversions and sales.

Our decisions were data-driven, focusing on metrics rather than subjective preferences. Tailored landing pages and product information were meticulously curated to meet the demands and preferences of Street Fix Garage’s clientele.


The outcome? Star Digital succeeded in delivering an engaging and distinctive website for Street Fix Garage. Not only did it sustain organic search traffic, but it also witnessed a notable surge post-launch, translating into improved conversion rates.

By aligning with Street Fix Garage as our principal digital partner, our strategists delved into aligning with Search Engine expectations, emphasising site structure and user experience. Our concerted efforts were centred on optimising the user’s online journey, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience from start to finish.





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