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If a business’s plant equipment and hydraulic operated machinery Is not operating to its optimal level, it can lead to machinery downtime, hazardous work environments, and excessive costs of repair. Flotek field service technicians are booked in for a proper maintenance inspection to identify any issues with the machinery, components, and parts. Whether it be fault finding, valve and cylinder repairs, hydraulic pump repairs to complete motor rebuilds, Flotek have the experienced technicians to get your hydraulic plant machinery back up and running.

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The team at Baseline Windows and Doors met with Star Digital Marketing to discuss a way to refresh their brand and positioning in the market. They dreamt of a site that was easy to navigate and showcased not only their capabilities and market differences but their profile of completed work.

As a well-known player in the industry, they have a strong client base, however they wanted to create a more engaging site that helped their current and future clients contact them easily and find the information they are looking for depending on the consumer persona viewing the site.

The Star Digital Marketing team are experts at interpreting what changes made to a website work and why. We understand how consumers search and navigate, the Baseline Windows and Doors team were in safe hands.


With a website like Baseline Windows and Doors, who service different audiences, whether it be architects or residential buyers, we needed to be able to capture the consumers attention across the board. Our first impression of the home page was it was slightly bland, they had the right mindset with their imagery and points of difference underneath, however with the colour contrasting it didn’t have natural flow feeling throughout navigation.

Above the fold was quite dark and didn’t have the pop effect we like to use to direct the website visitor’s eye. With the initial couple of scrolls down the home page we knew that the lack of content would not serve their purpose to capture conversions. People want to trust who you are, they might want to consume some information first to strengthen their feeling of trust before making contact.

Recreating their target pages was a necessary change. Instead of showcasing their products and then having information and specifications underneath resulting in making the consumer scroll down to find it, we made each product a clickable element which opened to its own page outlining all the required information about the product. Much easier for the consumer.


Creating an aesthetic feeling and flow was pivotal to creating a website that exuded style and design. High quality imagery was used to showcase the high quality finished installed product Baseline Windows and Doors had supplied.
More prominent Call-To-Actions have led to an increase in phone calls for the team.

The new device friendly website has ensured that visitors can effortlessly find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible as well as being compliant within the Google guidelines. The use of existing branding colours and utilising white negative space, helped to separate sections between their value and benefits information.
We had fun working on this website, ensuring we stayed within the brand parameters and website brief.
With a happy client and another successful website launch, the Baseline Windows and Doors team has seen a lift in conversions.





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