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Wendy’s Music has been offering several stellar music resources in Melbourne for years now. Wendy’s Music helps promote the mastery of music skills for children, teens through to adults and all stage in between. 
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Wendy’s Music has something to offer you to keep the love of music alive. They also provide support, assistance, and resources to music teachers through their teacher directory service.





Wendy’s Music offers a large number of services; from connecting students to teachers through geographic location base to online live music lessons. She helps people start up and build a music teaching business and sells products through her ecommerce shop. Wendy wanted to refresh her website and bring it into the modern age.

Wendy’s Music is a very successful business, and it was extremely important for the team to not go backward on their Search Engine rankings they have worked so hard to attain.
Core deliverables were improving the site architecture so her most important offerings were highly visible as well as to redesign the structure and navigation to ensure her programs, resources and information were discoverable.

Wendy’s Music wanted to ensure a frictionless experience for all different user personas from students and parents to music teachers. Their vision of users being able to set their location and view personalised content with filtering options is state-of-the-art, it’s no wonder they are the premium music school in Melbourne.


Star Digital Marketing knew that to resolve the issues being faced and achieve their goals we would need a new, modern website with simple navigation. We needed to create an experience for prospective and current parents and students to find the information they needed on the website as well as for teachers to be able to access the backend portal or be able to register with just a few clicks.

We laid out the 4 most important offerings above the fold to direct users to the exact resource they were looking for within just a few seconds. This included prospects to be able to efficiently find teachers by location and instrument and view their profile, the online store, and resources to help music teachers build a school or access coaching, the fourth was a video competition which offered prizes and is simply great for the community.

Wendy’s Music website is built on WordPress using WooCommerce ecommerce platform for their online store containing more than 6000 products. The site users can now quickly search and purchase resources online, without having to leave the comforts of home.

The website was designed, optimised, and built around digital marketing tactics with SEO in mind to keep ranking well in search engines and attract new business.


Since the launch of their newly designed website, Wendy’s Music has experienced a dramatic increase in teacher registrations and online sales.

The ease and functionality of the new website is especially ideal for parents who are searching for their children to take up music lessons, as well as those looking to obtain information about the school and resources offered.

The implementation of structured navigation and simple buttons throughout the website were monumental tools to allow users to quickly discover and access information.





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