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The team at Westend Pallets has helped countless business owners across Melbourne keep their goods safe and secure during transit. Drawing on our 25+ years of outstanding experience and expertise, our passionate team use the best materials and innovative fabrication techniques when tailor-making our products to your specifications. Based in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, our family owned and operated business understands how to get your goods from point A to point B without family-own undergoing any damage.





The objective of Westend Pallets was to provide its clients with the most effective platform possible to promote their goods and services. They recognised that improving the overall digital experience would help them with their existing marketing strategy.
The goal was to get a message and idea through to a target audience in order to improve sales and solidify loyalty. Their most significant value proposition, as well as their unique selling proposition, were being overlooked.

Unfortunately, as is so frequently the case, the meaning of the message differs from that which is delivered. Westend Pallets hired Star Digital Marketing to assist it to update its website and develop a more exciting attention-grabbing experience for clients and customers. The company was aware that its website was out of date, uninteresting, and failed to link visual components with the business’s value propositions or industry expertise.

They wanted to alter the appearance and user-friendliness of their website, as well as improve them. Customers had a lot simpler time locating certain goods on their website.


The Westend Pallets was created to restore the company’s reputation, showcase its credibility, and portray the team’s competence and experience.

With the introduction of new informational service pages, geo-targeted locations, and a new overall branding image and design to expand on their existing SEO foundations to boost search engine traffic and support future development.

We set out to develop a dynamic and unique design that the team would be able to carry over the company’s life. The Star team collaborated with everyone to make certain that their branding message, as well as their unique selling propositions, were at the forefront of every page.

Our goal was to create a fun, professional atmosphere that represented the owners’ distinct personalities. For this reason, we needed to ensure that the site was open to everyone in Melbourne who wanted pallets. It was crucial to have a content strategy that would allow different user personas to easily navigate the site and provide them with a strong user experience to help potential clients.

To the team, it’s particularly important. We’ve included punctuality, professionalism, and reliability as selling and product features at Westend Pallets, so they’re woven throughout the site to entice people to connect with them right away.


To build a website for Westend Pallets, Star Digital drew on its knowledge of organic search traffic and conversion rates to guarantee that the project would be a success. This new digital marketing campaign strategy not only maintained the previous levels of web traffic, but it resulted in even higher conversion rates.

Call-to-Actions have aided in capitalising on their current SEO marketing approach, resulting in more conversions and clients. Page structure improvement, however, has allowed users to engage more and has improved user engagement. Furthermore, prominent Call-to-Actions have also helped to leverage user traffic.





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