Why Use Facebook Carousel Ads?

It’s no secret that Facebook advertising is used to raise brand recognition. As a marketer, you may already be utilising it since you know that 68 percent of Americans use Facebook, making it an effective tool for increasing awareness of your company. Many marketers use simple image advertisements on Facebook to achieve this objective. Facebook advertising began with image ads. 


Isn’t it true that you’re getting your brand out there as long as you have image ads running? In actuality, certain kinds of Facebook advertising can help you reach your goal better than others. Carousel advertisements are one type of Facebook ad that’s gaining popularity. To give you an idea, Facebook carousel advertisements are a sort of advertisement that allows advertisers to post up to 10 photos or videos within a single ad. These intriguing advertising have several appealing characteristics.


A company’s aim is to be as cost-effective as possible. Every advertiser aims for lower CPC and conversion costs. Over the last year, carousel advertising has demonstrated its capacity to accomplish just that. Facebook revealed that carousel advertisements result in a 30–50 percent lower cost per conversion and 20–30 percent fewer costs per click than image.


Creative Freedom

Advertisements from Carousel can come with more information and more pictures or videos. You may highlight several items, provide more details about your goods, or tell a narrative for each card. Advertisers may include ten distinct headlines with a description and link for each card by using ten images or movies. This implies that you may target multiple personas in one advertisement. This sort of advertising allows consumers to purchase simply by swiping through the cards. Carousels give you a lot more creative leeway and possibilities than a single-image ad.



The multiple cards in a carousel advertisement encourage interaction. Users may quickly skip over an image ad, but the many cards in a carousel ad entice users to swipe to view what’s on the following card. This can assist develop a connection between your company and its customers by letting them see a variety of goods or services that you provide. 


There’s a good chance you have several objectives in mind for an ad campaign. You might want users to come to your website, learn more about your company, contact you, download your ebook, or take other actions. The carousel layout enables you to include all of these calls to action (CTAs) in a single advertisement. Up to ten CTAs are permitted per card in a carousel ad, one for each card. This enables you to test various kinds of CTAs without having to spend more money on extra ads. You may also decide whether or not the best-performing card in your deck should appear first.

Because they are less expensive, offer the ability to target multiple personas, and allow you to include more information and pictures or videos into your ad, carousel ads provide a better return on investment. Consider whether this sort of ad would be useful for achieving your marketing objectives.