Writing For Your Audience

Great content is nice, but great content geared toward a certain audience takes it to the next level. Prior to writing, figure out who you’re trying to reach so that you can create effective content.

Identifying Your Audience

You must first establish who your company’s target audience is. A buyer persona is a concept that focuses on one type of person in order to achieve a goal. Rather than trying to appeal to a wide range of people, the idea behind a persona is that you’re focusing on one specific sort of individual with certain characteristics.

It might take some time to figure out who your persona is. You’re mimicking your ideal client, so don’t go about it in a rush. Creating a persona helps you connect with and get into the head of the person you want to reach. It’s clear how this method may assist you in creating content that will resonate with your target audience. 


Once you’ve established your persona, all content choices should be made with regard to who you’re trying to attract. Your text’s overall tone should fit with your persona. Consider whether your character responds more favourably to a conversational or instructional tone. A site intended to attract small company entrepreneurs and a website focused on college students should have significantly varied tones.

Word Choice

You need to speak your target audience’s language. Choosing the right words to communicate to your persona can take your content from good to great. When it comes to word choice, less is almost always more. Getting overly fancy with your wording can feel obnoxious to the reader—especially when there are numerous unusual words. Aim to keep your wording straightforward, and add a dash of flair with interesting turns of phrase where appropriate to your persona.



Your persona’s attention span will determine the overall length of your content. However, because each person is unique, you should vary the length depending on them. As a rule of thumb, use as many words as necessary to express your point—but no more than that. Consider how long it takes your persona to read and how they get access. If you’re marketing to a busy athletic director who is constantly on the go and most likely uses a smartphone, your material should be brief, informative, and to the point.



To reach your audience, you must keep SEO in mind at all times. Identify keywords as a starting point. Choose terms that your character would use and are also relevant to your business. Make sure that the words you choose are ones that your persona would utilise and are congruent with your company’s identity. Using these keywords wherever they belong naturally. Never force keywords into your text, and avoid overuse of them. Using important keywords throughout your material will help you improve your search engine rankings, and since you’re employing terms that your persona would use, you’ll catch the attention of your target audience.

Before you get started writing, you must first establish your buyer persona(s). Don’t make the error of skipping the step of constructing your customer persona. Speak their language and keep them in mind as you create by making content that appeals to your target audience.