Why Google Suggests Prioritising Quality Over Quantity In Your Backlink Strategy

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and that means that what works today might not work tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date on the latest SEO trends. 

Recently, Google has been placing more emphasis on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. In other words, it’s better to have a few high-quality backlinks than a bunch of low-quality ones. But what exactly constitutes a “high-quality” backlink? 

There are a few factors that Google takes into account, including the site’s authority, relevance, and trustworthiness. Sites with high authority are more likely to rank well in search results, so it’s important to get links from these types of sites. Relevance is also important – if your site is about dog food, then a backlink from a site about cat food isn’t going to be as valuable as a backlink from another dog food site. And finally, trustworthiness is also a factor. If a site has been involved in spammy activities or has a lot of broken links, then Google is less likely to trust it. 

Backlinks: What are they and why are they significant?

Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. Also called incoming links or inbound links, they act as votes from other websites, and the more votes you have, the higher your website will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The quality of the website’s vote also plays a role in your ranking; for example, a link from a high-authority site will have more weight than a link from a low-authority site. A link from a site with a lot of traffic and links pointing to it indicates that the site is important, while a link from a new or low-traffic site carries less weight. 

In addition, links from sites that are relevant to your topic carry more weight than links from unrelated sites. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the keyword “cat food,” a link from a site about cats will be more valuable than a link from a site about cooking. 

Backlinks are important because they help search engines determine the quality and relevance of your site. If you have a lot of backlinks from high-quality websites, it tells search engines that your site is also high-quality and relevant. This will help your site rank higher in search results.

In addition, backlinks can also help to increase traffic to your site. If you have a lot of backlinks, people will be more likely to click on them and visit your site. This can help increase your sales and conversions.

How can you get backlinks to your website?

There are two main ways to acquire backlinks to your website: natural link building and non-natural link building. 

  • Natural link building is the process of earning links from other websites organically. This can be done through creating high-quality content that other websites want to link to, networking with other webmasters, or even just being active on social media.
  • Non-natural link building, on the other hand, is the process of deliberately acquiring links from other websites. This can be done through link buying, link exchanges, or even by submitting your website to online directories. 

Link building is an important part of SEO because it signals to search engines that your website is popular and relevant. If you want your website to rank higher in SERPs, you need to focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks.

Which is More Important in Link Building? Quality or Quantity?

There’s no doubt about it, backlinks are still a valuable ranking factor for SEO. But in today’s landscape, it’s all about quality over quantity. That’s why Google suggests prioritising quality over quantity when it comes to your backlink strategy. Here’s why:

  1. Low-quality links can actually hurt your rankings. If you’re trying to game the system by buying low-quality links or participating in link schemes, you could end up being penalised by Google. In fact, your site could be removed from the search results entirely!
  2. High-quality links are more effective. Even if you have fewer high-quality links than your competitor, you’re likely to see better results. That’s because each high-quality link is worth more than a hundred low-quality ones.
  3. Quality links are more sustainable. It’s easier to maintain a few high-quality backlinks than it is to constantly acquire new low-quality ones. Not to mention, if you focus on quality over quantity, you’ll attract more natural, editorial links over time.

In the past, link building was all about quantity. The more links you had pointing to your website, the higher you would rank in Google search results. However, things have changed with Google’s update. Now, it’s all about quality. Links from high-quality websites are worth more than links from low-quality websites. That’s because Google wants to direct users to websites that offer the best user experience. If a website is full of low-quality links, Google will assume that the website itself is low quality and push it down in the search results. On the other hand, if a website has a few high-quality links, Google will assume that the website is trustworthy and useful, and it will rise to the top of the search results.

What Are the Advantages of a High-Quality Link Building Strategy?

There are different types of link building strategies. But, a focus on high-quality link building is often the most effective. Here’s why:

  1. Drive traffic to your website. Link building can increase the number of visitors to your website because it helps your website rank higher in SERPs. When your website ranks higher, it gets more exposure and clicks.
  2. Enhance the domain authority. Domain authority is a measure of how well your website will rank in SERPs. The higher your domain authority, the better your chances of ranking well.
  3. Build relationships with other websites. When you reach out to other websites and ask for links, you are effectively building a relationship with that website. These relationships can be beneficial as they may lead to future opportunities, such as guest blogging or joint ventures.
  4. Establishes your brand as an authoritative voice. When you build links to high-quality websites, you’re positioning your brand as an authoritative voice within your industry. This can help attract new customers and clients who are looking for a reliable source of information.

Techniques for Building Links for SEO

Link building can be a time-consuming process because it takes time to create high-quality content and then reach out to other websites. However, the effort is often worthwhile because backlinks from high-quality websites can have a significant impact on your SEO efforts. Here’s how to build backlinks in accordance with Google’s guidelines:

  • Creating great content. One of the best ways to build links is to create content that is truly valuable and worth linking to. This can be anything from an in-depth blog post to an infographic or an interactive tool. If your content is truly useful, other websites will be more likely to link to it as a resource for their own readers.
  • Reaching out to other websites. Another way to build links is to reach out to other websites and ask them to link to your content. This can be done by sending an email or filling out a contact form on their website. Be sure to include a link to your content so they can easily see what you’re offering.
  • Guest blogging. Guest blogging is another great way to build links. When you guest blog on another website, you typically include a link back to your own website in your author bio. This can help to drive traffic to your website and also helps to improve your search engine ranking. Additionally, when you guest blog on a high-quality website, you can also build relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your industry, which can be beneficial in the future.
  • Participating in Forums. Participating in forums related to your industry is another great way to build links. When you participate in forums, you can include a link back to your website in your signature. This is a great way to get exposure for your website and also helps to improve your search engine ranking. Additionally, participating in forums can help you build relationships with other people in your industry, which can be beneficial in the future.
  • Social media. Social media is also a great way to build links. When you post content on social media sites, you can include links back to your website. This will help to expose your site to a new audience and can also help improve your search engine ranking.

Search engine optimisation is a difficult and ever-changing field. Just when you think you have a handle on it, Google changes the rules and you’re back to square one. But one thing that has remained constant throughout the years is the importance of backlinks.

But building backlinks isn’t easy. You can’t just go out and buy them or spam forums with your links. You need to earn them by creating great content that other people want to link to.

That’s where we come in. At Star Digital Marketing, we specialise in SEO link building and can help you acquire the high-quality backlinks you need to improve your search rankings and build credibility with Google. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your SEO game to the next level!