How Tweets on Google Affect You

Google and Twitter have recently formed a partnership, and their goal appears to be to make searches more relevant for everyone. This means that Google will be able to use all of Twitter’s tweets as ranking factors in its search engine very soon. As a result, social media will play a significant role in how sites are ranked, and those who market for their businesses must be aware of these changes and the impact they will have.

Specifics of the Deal

Now Google has used Twitter’s feed before, but they have never had access to it as they do now. They are currently able to access the entire back end and make sure the feed ranks correctly, even ranking individual tweets. In the past, Google could have used bots to crawl Twitter and continuously feed into the site and collect information. But this would have slowed down Twitter and caused it to suffer performance issues based on bot activity. This new agreement allows both sides to benefit and gives Google the ability to correctly rank and find tweets. This brings Twitter more traffic and boosts Google’s power to individually rank every tweet, creating value for each tweet over the long term. That’s good for businesses who use the Twitter feed to generate sales and connections, so marketers need to pay attention to this change.

The Connection Between Social Media and SEO

Social media has a correlation to SEO, but the connection can be tenuous at times. Most marketers only understand that connection vaguely. What we do understand is that Google translates social media activity into high-level search parameters. But the access they have now is not quite as direct as what this Twitter deal will give them. Soon they will be able to rank content in more detail. They currently base results from Twitter on trending topics that are relevant to what you are searching for. That is going to change quickly though.
The link between SEO and social media is about to get a lot stronger, and this partnership that Google has with Twitter is likely just the beginning. Moz conducted a study in 2013 that looked at how search rankings related to Google+ links. The study helped us to understand how Google’s social media platform related to SEO. What was discovered is that posts on Google+ came with a lot more benefits to search result rankings than posts from other social media sites. That’s because of Google’s very close relationship with its own social media platform. It essentially boosted the relevancy of posts on Google+, and it’s fair to think that the same thing is going to happen with Twitter posts soon. Other social media posts may not become as relevant after this deal takes effect.

How This Is Important

We assume that Google should be able to rank each tweet individually based on how relevant they are. It will likely give them the same power as a quality score through AdWords would. This permits Google to recognize relevant tweets and content more easily, and it gives it the ability to shine a light on the most important and notable discussions happening on Twitter. As far as SEO is concerned, it is very reasonable to assume that Twitter posts will hold more value than posts on other pages simply because Google and its search engines will understand them better and be able to rank them more truly. This is a new agreement, so it hasn’t been put into place yet. Still, we are already seeing the wheels turn on it, and it is only a matter of time before it all takes effect. We are expecting a launch of a new set of programming based on this deal within the next few months.

How Social Media Marketers Are Affected

While this is going into effect, marketers should be working together. We particularly see value in marketers in the SEO and social media sectors learning from one another. This will give both sides a better understanding of the power of keywords and how search engines can give certain items precedence over others. There may be a shifting focus on long term value over the current value of immediate responses generated by Twitter feeds. These are ideas that marketers should consider as they design their advertising strategies. Our guess is that social media will become an increasingly important part of SEO ranking very soon. Those in social marketing should try to learn more about what this partnership means and how it is going to affect them. That’s the only way they are going to get the most benefit out of these changes and make sure that they are on top of the modifications they will need to make to ensure that their businesses remain successful.