How Digital Marketing Functions Like Conventional Marketing

Not long ago, businesses used digital marketing experts exclusively for digital marketing and never included them in the rest of their marketing strategy. That has changed quite a bit over the past few years, and now digital marketing is being combined with all other aspects of marketing to make cohesive campaigns that are more effective. Many conventional marketing methods actually make use of digital enhancements since digital content is everywhere now. Marketing campaigns should not be divided into who uses digital methods and who doesn’t. Instead, think of dividing your marketing team into those who oversee the plan and those who implement it. Or divide your group into those who know marketing and those who are familiar with the technology. These are more apt divisions for the ways in which marketing and business are being done in the modern era.

Planning and Implementation

Any marketing effort consists of two important pieces- planning and implementation. People who are good at planning and noticing market trends are frequently included on the strategy team. These people can see the big picture and plan ahead properly. They should be in charge of making sure the strategy is put into effect both digitally and offline. On the opposite side of the team are the people who know how to execute a good plan. They are responsible for putting the plan into motion and solving any problems that arise. They may notice details that the other side of the team often overlooks. With both parts of the team, you have people who are going to use digital tools. Both sides will be more effective if they work together and bring both the online and offline portions of the plan into one cohesive strategy. This ensures consistent branding and messaging, as well as a clear, unified marketing campaign for consumers. The people who work on the strategy side of the plan may be involved in getting marketing materials placed on buses or billboards. They may also work with social media to push the brand. But they need to make sure both digital and physical sides of the marketing campaign are presenting a unified front. In the past, they may have sent some of their outlines to the digital team. But in today’s marketing industry, the online portion can be integrated into the physical elements to make a more concerted effort that has a clear message. If you just divide your team into online and offline groups, you can end up with a piecemeal campaign. You might not be getting your message across. Don’t work from a standpoint of digital against traditional. Instead, try to think about dividing your team into a planning group and an execution group. You are likely to see much better results

Creative Marketers and Data Specialists

Your marketing team is comprised of people with different capabilities, and the team will never be better than its core components. Your marketing team’s abilities need to be put to use both digitally and traditionally if you want to end up with the most effective strategy. Now different educational degrees help people get to where they are in their careers and help to determine what kind of careers they take. These degrees have to do with marketing in a creative manner and with being able to read numbers and predict trends. Your team members who have a marketing degree likely understand how to solve various problems in marketing campaigns and what it takes for a campaign to do well. But part of your team probably consists of people who specialize in extrapolating data and crunching the numbers to determine what will work in a campaign. They probably understand how to appeal to specific audiences. You are going to have to use both of these skills to make a very effective marketing strategy. You have one side of your team that has presentation ideas, but your other side knows how to reach a certain demographic and what consumers are more likely to respond to. Your technology specialist can help you overcome economic downturns by reaching people in new and different ways. Your marketing specialist will know how to ensure that the campaign is appropriate to the times and the target audience. No matter where or how you are implementing your marketing strategy, you have to have both sides working together.

Making This Approach Work for Your Business

Modern marketing needs to be approached by an integrated team. This means that specialized agencies may not always be the solution, but they can still have their place. If you need to outsource some of your work, you just want to make sure that you are keeping the two parts of your marketing team together. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world and how close to one another they are. If they can work together, they will be far more effective. Just treat any remote group working with your team as an extension of your team. That way they will still be able to act cohesively. Share your information with them the same way you would with your core team. You don’t want to hire an outside agency just as a way to build some links or increase your rankings. You have to work with them and ensure they are informed at every step of the marketing process. Then they can make sure that your messaging is consistent and that your brand is being properly represented.

Working Together

If you think of your digital marketing team as a separate division from your remaining marketing personnel, then you are approaching the situation in the wrong way. Traditional marketing is now filled with digital components, and if your two team parts are not working together, then you are not fully utilizing all of your available resources. Try to stay focused on building a unified team. Then you will be able to develop more effective marketing strategies. Your team can play off of one another’s strengths and make the most of the resources you have.