LinkedIn: Social Media for Business

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for businesses. Today’s most popular professional social networking site has over 135 million members and, unlike Facebook, caters to corporate executives. If you run a business, it’s critical that you have a strong presence on LinkedIn. You’re losing out on important connections and growth if you don’t.

The most critical thing you can do on LinkedIn is complete your profile. It has been proven that having a completed profile increases your networking chance by 40%. You’ll be able to display all of your skills/expertise, background, experience, and interests once your profile is finished.


Here are the eight steps to take to complete your LinkedIn profile. 

Include your complete name and picture: Make sure people can find you by listing your first and last names. The use of just the first initial of your last name might make it difficult for potential clients to locate you. Uploading an image will improve the likelihood that your profile will be seen, but only if it is a good photo!


Make your headline personal: include descriptive, short, and compelling keywords. You only have 120 characters to catch their attention. Some people prefer to list their current employment title. Personally, I like to describe what I do, which is Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Blogging.


List work history- Include your current position and at least two previous employment positions. To reflect your role in each job, use descriptive phrases. 

Make changes to your LinkedIn URL-Customise your profile to make it more visible in search engines when someone searches for your name.


Make your website’s URL unique by adding additional words/phrases to the beginning and end of the address (numbers and letters will also work). Utilise relevant keywords in this area, too. Changing your website’s name can help you rank for certain keywords in search engines.


Request recommendations – To be labeled ‘Complete’ on your profile, you’ll need at least three recommendations.


Include a link to your Twitter profile- Having a link to your Twitter profile provides additional avenues for people to interact with you.


Make your LinkedIn profile public- If you can’t be found, no one will be able to interact with you. Make your profile available so that potential clients may discover you and collaborate with you in developing your network. 

Now that you’ve created your own LinkedIn profile, you may take care of your business’s page. You want to make sure that people who are interested in staying up to date with your company can locate and follow it.


5 Steps to Complete Your Company Page


Company Information- Make sure the details in your proposal are consistent with those on your company’s website. It may be a good idea to describe what sets you apart from other businesses and how much value you provide.


Add keywords to the Specialty Section – Any terms you wish your firm to be found for should be included here.


Mention your company’s products and services – Simply state the goods and services your firm provides.


Blog RSS- Link to your company’s blog RSS feed to inform customers of new content.


Post status updates- Make your company page more active by posting routine status updates, along with links back to your website and blog. This will keep your page lively and encourage visitors to return.


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